12.3mm Laminate Flooring Orange County

With today's technology, laminate wood flooring (before known as pergo flooring), has made a dramatic improvement in quality and also visual aesthetic.
Orange County's flooring style is more modern, light, and refreshing, just like the clear skies throughout most of the year and the beautiful ocean breeze.

Today we will be reviewing the Palermo Laminate Flooring by SLCC Flooring.

Modern Grey Laminate Flooring
Brand: SLCC Flooring
Color: Palermo
7.5'' Width Planks
Majority of laminate floorings are 4' in plank length. Some new ones now come in mixed length (2' , 4', and 6'), to create a more realistic look and feel for laminate flooring (real hardwood doesn't only come in 4' planks, so with the mixed width it mimics wood's realistic random length planks).
As contemporary house design is growing more and more popular each and everyday also, wider flooring planks are becoming more desirable. That is why this laminate's 7.5'' wide plank lengths, tagged along with its beautiful all 6' plank lengths create an open, luxurious looking floor plan for any home.
What we love about this flooring is its beautiful chisel marks, mixed along with its color variations and realistic looking hardwood knots.

In the flooring below, you will see the amazing color variation of this product we installed 12.3mm Laminate Flooring Irvine, CA

Other Colors Available
The whole collection can be found on our website here: SLCC Flooring
Some of our other favorite colors in this collection are Malta SLCC, which is more of a blonde whitewash flooring, and Sardinia SLCC, which is more of a grey with beige flooring. Palermo is grey but has more dominant whitewash background characteristics compared to the beige of Sardinia.

In the above photo, you can see the beautiful chiseling, color variations, and realistic look of this 12.3mm laminate wood flooring. The more realistic a laminate is, usually the more expensive it will be, because it is getting very close to representing an actual hardwood flooring. We used a 3mm EVA Underlayment laminate padding underneath this flooring to make sure the steps taken on it are as quiet and sturdy as possible!
The baseboards used are 5 1/4'' modern baseboards with very little curves. The less curves and bumps your baseboard molding has, the less chance of it collecting dust. Our suggestion is to find a perfect baseboard or crown molding that has characteristic but not too deep or intense of curves.